Mother Circle Kingston is a free, non-profit support group for moms with new babies in Kingston, Ontario. Our group meets each week to talk, share information and offer support to one another.We have a wonderful group of moms in our community who facilitate each week and are dedicated to keeping the ongoing success of our group.

We meet each Monday at 11:00am-12:30pm. We meet at the YMCA on Wright Crescent in the Wellness room on the second floor(during the fall/winter) and at Lake Ontario Park under the trees, on the far side of the splash pad(during the summer). Please let the front desk of the YMCA know you are there for Mother Circle. There is an elevator to get to the second floor. If you must bring a stroller, there is space for the stroller in the room next to the Wellness room. Please do not leave your stroller in the hallways. Please be respectful of the fact that we are not given permission to use any of the YMCA’s other facilities before or after our meetings.

Please visit on our Facebook Group for discussions, updates and connecting with other moms. The group is a closed group to ensure that discussions and comments remain private and un-viewable by others. Simply request to join the group and an admin will gladly approve you.

All new moms are welcome to join our circle until you’re spending more time chasing your baby than participating in the circle.

If you are interested in facilitating or volunteering with the organization of the group, please send an email to info@mothercirclekingston.com. We are always looking for moms to help us and share their experiences with new moms in the community.